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Fleur Obelisk Arch Set

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Step into a living canvas with our rustic garden arch set. Perfectly crafted for climbing plants, these four arches, each distinct in size, promise to be the gateways to nature's artistry.

Envision vines weaving their tales, blossoms bursting forth in joyous color, and your outdoor space transformed into a lush tapestry of green. 

Elevate your alfresco experience into a botanical ballet, where every glance holds a new story, a new spectacle.

Comes as a set of 4


  • 22cm D x 100cm H
  • 27cm D x 130cm H
  • 33cm D x 160cm H
  • 39cm D x 190cm H
Material:  Pre-rusted metal
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Fleur Obelisk Garden Arch Set
Fleur Obelisk Garden Arch Set
Fleur Obelisk Garden Arch Set
Fleur Obelisk Garden Arch Set
Fleur Obelisk Garden Arch Set


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Please note:

Lifestyle products shots may distort perception of size. Please refer to product description to ensure correct dimensions.

Rust coating can often be uneven/irregular, products can also
have marks/scratches from handling/shipping, this is the nature of the
finish. Normally when left outdoors this will ‘self heal’ and the
elements will give a more uniform result