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Introducing our delightful set of three Rust Ducklings, a charming addition to any space that will bring warmth and personality to your home decor. Each duckling is crafted from high-quality metal with a pre-rusted finish, giving it an authentic vintage look.

The set includes three assorted designs, each with its own unique character and charm. These Rust Ducklings are perfect for displaying on a bookshelf, mantlepiece, or coffee table, and are sure to be a conversation starter. They make an excellent gift for anyone who loves rustic decor, or for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and wildlife.

These ducklings are versatile pieces of decor that can be incorporated into various design themes, from farmhouse to industrial. They also look great when grouped together or displayed separately, allowing you to customize your decor to your personal taste.

Bring a touch of vintage charm to your home with this adorable set of Rust Ducklings. Their unique and quirky design is sure to bring a smile to your face and add a cozy feel to any room they're displayed in.

Product details are as: 

18*7*18cm; 14*7*18cm; 12.5*7*16cm, Prerusted metal; 3 Assorted designs.




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    Please note:

    Lifestyle products shots may distort perception of size. Please refer to product description to ensure correct dimensions.

    Rust coating can often be uneven/irregular, products can also
    have marks/scratches from handling/shipping, this is the nature of the
    finish. Normally when left outdoors this will ‘self heal’ and the
    elements will give a more uniform result