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Fairy With Leg Up

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Discover the allure of the mystical with our exquisite cast iron fairy statue.

Nestled amidst your blooms and greens, she weaves tales of enchantment, beckoning every visitor to venture deeper into the fairy haven at your garden's end. Beyond her captivating charm, she stands as a testament to artistry and quality, promising not just beauty, but enduring elegance.

Let her transform your garden into a sanctuary of wonder and whimsy.

Size:  17cm W x 20cm D x 32cm H

Material: Cast iron with rusted finish

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Cast Iron Fairy Statue With Leg Up
Cast Iron Fairy Statue With Leg Up
Cast Iron Fairy Statue With Leg Up


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Please note:

Lifestyle products shots may distort perception of size. Please refer to product description to ensure correct dimensions.

Rust coating can often be uneven/irregular, products can also
have marks/scratches from handling/shipping, this is the nature of the
finish. Normally when left outdoors this will ‘self heal’ and the
elements will give a more uniform result