About Us

As passionate gardeners …

We have always been fascinated by the garden world. Observing the plants, flowers, insects, animals and how they all intertwine, working together to create an ecosystem. For us, slowing down to observe, work with and appreciate the garden as well as it’s produce allows a whole body experience benefiting both mental and physical health.

Gardening is not all about the plants, it also involves the tools, the resources, the hardware and the inspiration used to create an affect.

And gardening is not just about the garden, it is also about the space for family, friends and shared or personal experiences.

Our aim is to encourage people to embrace and cultivate their indoor and outdoor gardens. To facilitate this, we have been supplying nurseries and garden centers for the last 15 years with tools, feature items and many other products for the garden. Our range is unique and allows the creation of special outdoor spaces filled with individual expression.

We are Australian owned, develop our own products and source products from other premium Australian companies.

We look forward to hearing from you. Happy gardening! 


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