What Your Garden Needs in 2022

What Your Garden Needs in 2022

The new year calls for a refresh and there is no better way to amp up your space than with new garden pieces. At Nature’s Garden Gift, we want you to have a space you love to spend time in. Spending time outdoors not only increases your vitamin D intake, vital for mental health and immunity, it also enhances your overall psychical and mental wellbeing. From rustic hanging planters to garden stakes, Nature’s Garden Gifts break down what your garden needs for the new year. 


Whether your garden is filled with blossoms and blooms or stones and cactus, the addition of garden stakes is the ideal way to complement any space.

Petal Flower Stakes 

Beautifully rustic, the Petal Flower Stakes will add a striking component to flower pots, garden beds or even grass. Featuring two different designs, these stakes add a gently subtle contrast with their pre-rusted mild steel construction. Coming in a set of two (either 1 x 5 petal flower or 1 x 7 petal flower), these stakes are perfect for purchasing as multiples to add a stunning focal point in any garden. 

Knobby Club Rush Stake

Elegantly made from pre-rusted steel, the Knobby Club Rush Stake has eight heads connected to one stake. This endemic southern hemisphere plant is beautifully showcased in rustic style that gently sways in the breeze. Adding a striking focal point to any garden bed, grass patch or pot, this stake is sure to impress. 

Poppy Heads Stake

Purposefully made to gently sway in the breeze when the wind blows, the Poppy Heads Stake are a beautiful addition to any garden. Creating a sense of serenity, these stakes add movement and depth among your plants. With six heads on one stake, this bunch of poppies is made from a pre-rusted steel, perfect for adding a rustic feel. 

Rustic Hanging Planters

The addition of hanging planters is the ideal way to house your beautiful plants. Showcasing an array of different flora inside, a hanging planter will add intensity to any garden, patio or balcony. 

Flying Chook Planter

With options in two different colours, this Flying Chook Planter is the perfect way to add an element of peculiarity. Made from glazed ceramic, house your plants and flowers in a fun and engaging way with this colourful planter. Ideal for adding a talking point to your garden, patio or balcony, this chook features a drainage hole and watertight stopper, just add your plant babies! 

Rust Ball Planter

Constructed from naturally rusted brown mild steel, this striking Rust Ball Planter is ideal for housing plants that require minimal water. Sold in a set of two, these versatile planters can be used indoors or outdoors. Showcase your ferns, orchids, succulents and more in style with a 3D-formed orb. Perfect for use as a bird feeder or candle holder, this planter comes in small, medium or large, complete with chain for hanging. 

January Gardening Tip

Grow things you actually love to eat! There is nothing more satisfying than bringing in your home-grown harvest to create a beautifully tasting meal for your friends and family. Unsure what to grow? Don’t choose a fruit or vegetable based on how easy it is to grow. Choose things you will enjoy eating and then appreciate your yield more! 

Why Nature’s Garden Gift

At Nature’s Garden Gift, we love gardens and pride ourselves on making yours a sanctuary where you love to spend time. Creating unique pieces to celebrate the beauty of flora, a Nature’s Garden Gift feature element is the ideal way to enhance your outdoor space.

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