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Welcome to Nature's Garden Gift

Welcome to the Launch of Nature’s Garden Gift Store

Nature’s Garden Gift was born of deep love for nature, a fascination for ecosystems and all the creatures that play their part, providing a flourishing environment for all. Our love for environmental aesthetics is the impetus behind Nature’s Garden Gift vision of creating products suited to Australian gardens. This combination inspired us to create a range of products that would help our customers develop indoor and outdoor spaces that would remain inviting all year round, whilst maintaining value for money.

A bit about Nature’s Garden Gift

For the last fifteen years, we have been supplying nurseries and garden centres with garden enhancing products. We are Australian owned and we invest much in the development of our own products before carefully adding them to our product range. We are also careful to team up with other reputable Australian companies that sell useful and dependable products.

Nature’s Garden Gift aspires to co-create for a beautiful outside and inside world, and we consider our site a one-stop-shop for all your gardenware needs. Nature’s Garden Gift collections include essential gardening tools, a wide range of planters, pots and hanging baskets, garden art and decorative items, and educational materials to teach you about gardening and growing. We combine this with informative and inspiring articles to bring the puzzle pieces together.


We know how important it is to have access to nature and a peaceful personal space. The concrete jungles can really get in the way of our connection with nature if we allow them to, and that is something we want to help you overcome. No longer just the providence of retirees, young vibrant inner-city dwellers are beautifying their urban gardens with inspiring gardenware to create their own garden oases. 

The best gardens are personal, welcoming and sustainable

Everyone wants their garden to be unique: a representation of their personal vision created through an array of different plant life and décor choices. Dedicated gardeners take the same approach outside as most of us do inside our homes. Diversity and variety are key factors in expressing our sense of style, which is why we have designed and sourced a wide range of garden items that allow you to personalise your space.

Gardens are somewhere to gather with family and friends, so they become the backdrop for wonderful experiences, photographs and memories. If your garden is inviting enough, you’ll have more visitors than family and friends; a fragrant and colourful garden is the perfect space for visiting insect life and birds.

Nature’s Garden Gift is fully committed to sustainable living

Sustainable living is very important to us at Nature’s Garden Gift. We are firm believers that environmental quality should be a main priority in life, and to live sustainably we need clean air, natural resources, and a non-toxic environment. We are committed to finding ways to put nature first so that we can live harmoniously with it, and our product range reflects this value.  Our aim is to encourage our customers to give something back to nature, at the same time as creating their own sustainable resources in their gardens.

We are pleased to be able to play our part in transforming your outdoor space, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products… or anything else we can help with! Feel free to get in touch anytime and thank you for visiting Nature’s Garden Gift.  

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