Dreaming of a Garden Windmill?

Dreaming of a Garden Windmill?

Have you ever thought about putting a windmill sculpture or wind spinner in your garden? Well now you can!

At Nature’s Garden Gift, we offer a wide range of Australian-designed garden windmills and wind sculptures for you to choose from.

From traditional Aussie windmills, floral styles, stunning orbs, and abstract designs, you’re sure to find the right garden sculpture for your home at Nature’s Garden Gift.

But if you need inspiration, keep on reading for some background and notable examples of windmill art.

Famous Windmills the World Over

All over the world, windmills have delighted and inspired artists as well as gardeners. From the beautiful coloured windmills of Holland, to the famous red windmill on the Moulin Rouge in Paris, and the start white windmills built by the Venetians in Mykonos, what’s not to love about these dynamic works of sculpture.

Of course, windmills were once used to grind grain,  pump water, and even cut wood, but their seamless movements drew the eye of creative designers.

Today, we still use windmills to generate electricity on wind farms, but the most common kind of windmill or wind spinner you will see are garden artworks that come alive, spin and dance at the slightest breeze.

Home Garden Windmills

From kinetic designs to traditional shapes and styles, we have some of the most stunning garden windmills in Australia. Here are just three of our favourites, but you can see the entire range on our online store.

Spinning Leaf Windmill

The amazing kinetic effect of the Spinning Leaf Windmill is generated from the 10 individual spinning leaves. If you’re looking for a statement piece, this is it. This windmill comes in 3 unique colours: red, bronze and champagne.

Rust Aussie Windmill

The iconic Australian Windmill is now available for all to enjoy. The pre-rusted metal finish is the perfect focal point in any garden. Whether you live in the outback or the inner city, this is a classic design that every Australian knows and loves.

Double Windmill

The Double Windmill is one of our most popular products thanks to its mesmerizing rhythm and movement. This sculpture has 2 alternate spinning blades that add a dynamic sense of movement to your garden.  The pre-rusted steel is subtle but attractive.

Where Should I Put a Wind Spinner in My Garden?

If you’re wondering where to put a wind sculpture in your garden, then it helps to know that you can put a wind spinner almost anywhere it’s safe to do so! The main thing to remember is that the blades really do turn in the wind, so you want to make sure that there’s nothing they could hit or get snared on.

For this reason, open lawns are often best for wind spinners and other garden sculptures, or other parts of the garden where your plantings are not very tall and there are no overhanging branches. 

Windmills make fantastic garden features along pathways, or in place of a fountain!

A Beautiful Garden Awaits

​​We would love to help you find the windmill sculpture for your garden! If you have a question about any of our products then please contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Happy gardening!

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