Christmas Gift Ideas for the Green Thumb in Your Life

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Green Thumb in Your Life

Christmas time is quickly approaching, which means it’s the time to start searching for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. 

At Nature’s Garden Gift, we offer a wide range of Australian-designed Rustic metal garden art, garden windmills and wind sculptures for you to give to the green thumb in your life, or to add to your own garden.

If you’re in need of some gifting inspiration we’ve got a few rustic and unique ideas!

Rustic Hanging Hearts

​​Add a little love to your (or your friends) home or garden. Our Hanging Rust Hearts come in three different pack sizes to suit your desired space perfectly. If you want to fill an empty corner or want to add some rustic decor to your home our hanging hearts will add the extra intrigue. Our Rustic Hanging Hearts are made from pre-rusted metal with a jute string hanger to provide a robust and secure construction. 

Knobby Club Rush Stake

Inspired by native southern hemisphere plants this piece of rustic art will give your garden or pot plant a simple sense of elegance. Our Knobby Club Rush Stake will gently move in the breeze adding a stylish and unique movement in your yard. With a durable structure with 8 heads all connected to a central spot our Knobby Club Rush is welded to a staking base.

Poppy Head Stake

Our Poppy Head Stake is a gorgeous ornamental piece that will bring some movement to your garden bed. With the option to be used as a stand alone statement piece or to create your own poppy field our unique rustic piece is sure to bring life to your garden.

Petal Flower Stakes

Add some more intrigue for ground cover plants or pot plants with our Petal Flower Stakes. Our rustic flower stakes are sure to add a gentle and subtle contrast between your lush gardens. Available in five and seven petal sets our pre rusted mild steel Petal Flower Stakes are guaranteed to become a unique focal in your garden. 

November Gardening Tip

Watch Out for Pests

As the weather warms up aphids become active in the veggie patch or on the new growth of roses. Psyllids can also appear on the new growth of Lilly Pillies and need to be controlled to prevent them spreading. This is the time to check your plants and use a garden insecticide to keep them in check.

A Beautiful Garden Awaits

​​​​We would love to help you find the perfect sculpture for your rustic metal garden art! If you have a question about any of our products, then please contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly.


Happy Gardening!

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